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Time to Play


Sometimes I find myself taking my photography too seriously and need to remind myself to take time to just ‘play’. Last year I attended a National Geographic Seminar in Philly called, ‘Putting the WOW! In Your Nature Photography’. The presenters were Michael Melford and Eddie Soloway. Eddie encouraged the idea of play, suggesting we ‘wander’ […]

Icy Abstract


This abstract photo of some bog ice and tree shadows has me wanting to explore ice as a subject. It was a warm day and the ice was getting soft. I am not sure what created the holes — maybe twigs or pine needles. The original photo was almost monochrome so I converted it to […]

I was very happy to learn that my photo ‘Jefferson at Dawn’ received a top award medal in the New Jersey Federation of Camera Club’s recent print competition, group A. Entries included members of camera clubs throughout the state. While at a photo workshop last April my friend Wendy and I, along with a couple […]

When up in Maine this past Fall a fellow photog gave me the idea to freeze leaves in water then photograph them. When I got home I did just that. I collected some leaves, put them in various shallow containers filled with water and placed them in the freezer. Once frozen, I set up my […]

For Snow Lovers


Here is another photo taken on the same morning as the orchard shot below. This barn is usually very ordinary looking and the snow added something that was needed. It is at the Red Lion Circle, behind the old donut shop. The original photo contained very little color so I decided to go all the […]

We in South Jersey awoke to a beautiful snow scene on Tuesday the 4th. The thought of having to go into work was killing me. I managed to get out the door a little early and made a few stops with my camera along the way. This is my favorite — an old orchard I […]

This is a story I wrote for the South Jersey Camera Cub Newsletter about a trip some of us took up to my friends’ resort in the Catskills. The club version included photos by some of my fellow travelers. On January 23rd through the 25th several South Jersey Camera Club members (Ralph Berglund, Denise Bush, […]