Frozen Experiment


When up in Maine this past Fall a fellow photog gave me the idea to freeze leaves in water then photograph them. When I got home I did just that. I collected some leaves, put them in various shallow containers filled with water and placed them in the freezer. Once frozen, I set up my light box near a window for natural light and put bubble wrap on top of it to cut down on some of the back light. I put my frozen specimen on top of the bubble wrap  and used a macro lens to get in close, capturing the detail in the ice.

Autumn Burning Bush branch frozen in ice.

Autumn Burning Bush branch frozen in ice. © 2009 Denise Bush

7 Responses to “Frozen Experiment”

  1. Just wonderful sis! VERY CREATIVE… love it!

  2. 2 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for taking a look and leaving a comment. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! — D

  3. Yes, Happy Birthday to Sandy and Brent! The photos are beautiful. I want to come up and see some snow!!!

  4. Great image Denise. Was that me that suggested that technique? I better try it myself again. Nice blog.

  5. 5 denisebushphoto

    Yes it was you who gave me the idea to freeze leaves! I wasn’t really sure if there was a method. The light box worked well to create some back-lighting and show off the translucent ice. My light box glass isn’t frosted so I laid a few layers of bubble wrap on top to act as a filter. I think next time I’d try to get a little more light on top too. — D

  6. 6 iheartfilm

    This is amazing. The ice really punches up the colors and details. Wonderful.


  7. I love this! Really creative…

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