Time to Play


Sometimes I find myself taking my photography too seriously and need to remind myself to take time to just ‘play’. Last year I attended a National Geographic Seminar in Philly called, ‘Putting the WOW! In Your Nature Photography’. The presenters were Michael Melford and Eddie Soloway. Eddie encouraged the idea of play, suggesting we ‘wander’ and take a look at what’s happening at what he called the ‘back of the stage’. (I interpreted this to mean, be on the lookout for the less obvious.) He spoke of a child’s curiosity and ‘sense of wonder’. Truth be told, I often go out shooting to a specific location with a preconceived idea of the type of image I want. This adds unnecessary pressure to the outing and can often result in disappointment when the conditions are not in alignment. When I open myself up to play, I have more fun and sometimes come away with new ideas. The photo below is merely play or perhaps a study, and not something that will end up in my online gallery. Reflections are always fun and this image reminded me to ‘play’!

Batona Trail reflection with footbridge.

Batona Trail reflection with footbridge. ©2009 Denise Bush

7 Responses to “Time to Play”

  1. Denise;
    Glad to see you have not forgotten how to put the WOW into it.
    I enjoyed the reflection. I’ve added a trackback on my blog, I’m not sure what that does?

  2. Woah!

    I would not want to fall off that bridge!

    Nice picture.

    I like the reflection.

  3. 3 Terry Wilson

    Post more nuggets from that workshop. It was an inspiring day! Nice shot of the footbridge; I know the Batona north of Carranza well. There’s a magical simplicity to those bridges.

  4. 4 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for the comments! (Lou and Terry were both at the seminar too.) That’s a good suggestion Terry. I have my notes from that day on my desk — I’ll see what I can come up with! — D

  5. Hey guys, remember landscape blurs? Here’s a link that has a “How To “.
    I still haven’t mastered the technique. 😦


  6. Hey Sis `
    Thanks for your comments about my photos! Do you think my obsession with reflections is hereditary? 😀 I’ve been thinkin’ of you and noticing a similar sensitivites when I review my shots. Hugs, San

  7. 7 denisebushphoto

    Well Sandy — actually I think just being obsessed is hereditary! — D

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