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Unexpected Find


After finishing up a sunrise shoot at the beach this weekend I turned to leave and found this design. The fence, shadows and pattern in the sand combine to make an image that is all about stripes. The find reinforced the idea that it’s a good practice to always look in all directions for unexpected […]

I was hoping to go out shooting both last night and this morning to some locations I have been wanting to get back to but the weather and quality of light did not warrant it. That’s just how it is sometimes. I ran into the photo below, ‘Attic Window’ last night while gathering some images […]

I have been fascinated with abandoned places since I was a young kid. I was the one who would get my friends to help me ‘investigate’. We would sift through the remains and try to figure out who lived there and why they left. To this day I am always on the lookout for old […]



In my last post, ‘Time to Play’ Terry commented that I should ‘post more nuggets’ from the workshop that she, Lou and I attended, so here it goes. Eddie Soloway spoke of creating images with limited focus and even out of focus. By doing this we achieve images with a more general feeling. For instance, […]