Abandoned Fascination


I have been fascinated with abandoned places since I was a young kid. I was the one who would get my friends to help me ‘investigate’. We would sift through the remains and try to figure out who lived there and why they left. To this day I am always on the lookout for old abandoned places, wanting to document them with my camera before they disappear. I like to wonder what they looked like back in the day and love the way they look as nature reclaims them. Below are some recent photos.

'House On the Hill' © Denise Bush

'House On the Hill' © 2009 Denise Bush

'Cohansey House' © Denise Bush

'Cohansey House' © 2009 Denise Bush

'Williams Ford'  Denise Bush

'Williams Ford' © 2009 Denise Bush

10 Responses to “Abandoned Fascination”

  1. This looks like a cool place…I LOVE the car!

  2. Wow D – I thought this was the Carranza Road House at first. Must have been the same builders! Great shots. So who do you think lived there? And why did they leave? 😀

  3. 3 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for taking a peek Julie and Sandy. These are actually 2 different houses. Yes Sandy — the 2nd one looks like the Cutts sister’s house we explored so many years ago. That was one of the best one’s with a lot of belongings still inside just as they had left them. We took a lot of pictures and I still have some cool Photoshop filtered printouts of them somewhere. (The house had one of those built in tubs with the wood trim. There were still utensils in the drawers and some old rugs and furniture, including a red velvet lounge chair — the kind you see in paintings of reclining women.)

    Who lived there? Good question!

    I think a big family lived in the first house. The siblings all went their separate ways and the parents got old and let the place go. After they passed the siblings had no interest in moving back and no one could agree on what to do with the place so they just let it sit. I got the impression it had been vacant for many years. The father’s ghost is very sad at what has become of what was once, a very happy place.

    I got a ghostly vibe from the 2nd house. I think a very old widow lived and died there. I couldn’t get inside and when I tried to pull open a door I got a big chill down my spine. Maybe it’s a blessing I couldn’t get in!

  4. I love them, Denise. These are great HDR subject matter. Last week, a friend showed me a great spot out here on the Cape. He wanted to teach him HDR. We went out at sunset and got some great shots of an old shed/garage. I love good clouds for HDR, and this turned out to be great for the grunge look. I will put it on my site soon.

  5. 5 denisebushphoto

    Hey Jeff! I don’t know if you could tell but these are HDR images. I processed them Tony’s way but toned down the settings for a more natural look. (I bought the CD for the club.) I think YOU need a blog. You will be able to show off the images you have been telling me about. I would love to come up your way and have you show me around sometime. — D

  6. Great Job… I love the tones and light on the first one.

  7. 7 bergiesplace

    Loved ’em and neat that you found them. Posters for
    foreclosures. Vortexes for spirits?

    When you had emailed about heading down there I was going to
    try and figure out the road on which I shot the “Cohansey” houses. I think
    it’s amazing that you found the same house.

  8. Denise, I thought they may be HDR. I like developing these subjects in a more illustrative, or grunge look. Here is the one I worked on this weekend.
    You may want to try doing a real grunge look, double processing, etc. Just see if you like it. I thought about a blog, but I don’t know if I would have time for it. I hope you can come up this way and visit some time.

  9. 9 denisebushphoto

    Absolutely beautiful HDR images Jeff! I LOVE the (hollow) ‘Old House On the Hill’ and the way it’s leaning as well as the trees. Amazing skies in many of these and you took advantage by devoting a lot of space for them. I’ve tried a grungier look too but so far for the ones I’ve processed I like a more natural look. Maybe it’s because I like to have some kind of cohesiveness to my work. Or, maybe I like them to look more photographic because I started out as an illustrator. I went through a period where I fooled around with a lot of filters and HDR still feels a little like that to me. Not really sure what it is. However that is not to say that I don’t like looking at it in other’s work. I think and hope you will do well with these. — D

  10. Thanks, Denise for your kind words. I can understand what you are saying. I on the other hand have mostly been taking more straight and documentry photos. I am trying to get a more interpretive look and feel to my images. I don’t like the quick filters. I find with HDR, I can tweak it to my look, sometimes after a lot of work. We just finished some prints of these new HDR images, and they look great. Hopefully we will get together and discuss this further.

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