Unexpected Find


After finishing up a sunrise shoot at the beach this weekend I turned to leave and found this design. The fence, shadows and pattern in the sand combine to make an image that is all about stripes. The find reinforced the idea that it’s a good practice to always look in all directions for unexpected opportunities before leaving a scene.

Sand Stripes © 2009 Denise Bush

'Sand Stripes' © 2009 Denise Bush

5 Responses to “Unexpected Find”

  1. Wow, awesome, really sharp too, at f16 were you hand holding or using a pod?

  2. 2 denisebushphoto

    I used a pod. Thanks for looking! — D

  3. Beachy keen! Love the colors and the flowing stripes.

  4. 4 Wayne Klaw

    Congratulations on getting chosen for the Photo 612 Juried Photography Show.

  5. 5 denisebushphoto

    Thanks Wayne — and thanks for looking at my blog too! — D

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