Apple Pie Hill


Last Friday, my friend Terry and I ventured into The Pines to the fire tower atop Apple Pie Hill in Chatsworth. The tower is getting rickety and I must admit I was a little scared climbing to the top as it vibrated with each step. We brought our tripods but the size of the landings did not allow their use. We pointed out Philadelphia and Atlantic City which glowed just before the sun disappeared. We wondered what the mound to the north was … Mt. Holly perhaps? We marveled at the way so many pine trees hid all signs of life as far as the eye could see and while I didn’t come home with any award winners, I was glad I went for the thrill of it all.

'Miles from Philly' © Denise Bush (Can you spot the city?)

'Miles from Philly' © Denise Bush (Can you spot the city?)

'Looking North' © Denise Bush

'Looking North' © Denise Bush

5 Responses to “Apple Pie Hill”

  1. 1 bergiesplace

    Denise, I think that the shot of the horizon with that little bump of Philadelphia buildings is awesome. Even without the city there’s a sense of the infinite in the image. The tiny city elements underscore our insignificance in the whole scheme. (Thus endeth the lesson.) 😉

  2. Neat shots sis! 😀

  3. 3 denisebushphoto

    Thanks Ralph and Sandy. It was just fun — it had been a long time since I was there. — D

  4. 4 Nancy Louie

    Long time for me too. I haven’t been back to that fire tower since high school, certainly not with lugging a camera and tripod up those rickety steps! Looks like you did just fine. Amazing that you can see the city from the top of the tower and managed to capture it!

  5. I remember seeing Apple Pie hill marked on road maps, years ago, and feeling a curiosity about it. I think I saw it for real from the top of a dirt mound in the woods just outside of Bricktown, N.J. It certainly was a hill, all right, and it was in the right location. . . so I guess that must have been it!

    In my mind, I link Apple Pie hill with Steptoe Butte, in Washington state’s Palouse Country. They are both prominent landmarks in their areas, and I have never been to either one, but only glimpsed them from a distance.

    Oh. . and that picture with Philadelphia in the distance is amazing. I had no idea Philly was close enough, or the hill high enough, to offer such a sight. . .

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