New York, New York


On Saturday I went to NYC with my friends, Wendy and Debbie and some members of their club, the Cranberry Digital Photography Club. We took the train from Hamilton and the subway once there. Our first stop was Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center). It was mid-day and hazy so the photo ops were not optimal but it was fun and a GREAT view. On one side we could see the Empire State Building with the Statue of Liberty far in the distance. On the other side we could see Central Park and hundreds of people in Strawberry Fields enjoying the beautiful warm day. (See photo.) We stopped in at Grand Central Station and I used my monopod to snap a few. It was getting later in the afternoon by then so we took the subway down to the Brooklyn Bridge and joined hundreds of others and walked across to Brooklyn. After a much needed rest and bite to eat we went to a park alongside the bridges (Brooklyn & Manhattan) where we waited for the sun to go down and lights to come on. Thanks to Debbie and her GPS we found a subway in Brooklyn that took us where we needed to go and we didn’t have to walk back across the bridge to get home. It was a fun day with some new sites and experiences. Thanks Wendy and Debbie!

'Empire State Building' © Denise Bush

'Empire State Building' © Denise Bush

'Central Park - Strawberry Fields' © Denise Bush

'Central Park - Strawberry Fields' © Denise Bush

'Grand Central Station' © Denise Bush

'Grand Central Station' © Denise Bush

'Brooklyn Bridge Detail' © Denise Bush

'Brooklyn Bridge Detail' © Denise Bush

'Manhatten Bridge' © Denise Bush

'Manhattan Bridge' © Denise Bush

'Brooklyn Bridge & Downtown Manhatten' © Denise Bush

'Brooklyn Bridge & Downtown Manhattan' © Denise Bush

6 Responses to “New York, New York”

  1. 1 Linda Hollinger

    I think you have some winners here!! I really like the bridge shots-especially the shot at dusk!! I wish I could have made the trip!

  2. 2 DEB

    Great Pic’s! Glad you could come with us! Look forward to shooting again sometime soon.


  3. You did a terrific job, Denise. I enjoyed meeting you and hope you will join us again sometime. I think you can teach us a few tips. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey D –
    I really like these shots. Great designs and unique perspectives. I especially love the bridge at dusk w/ NYC in the background and the “summer” shot of Central Park. Hugs, Sis

  5. 5 Neil

    Great stuff…I really like Strawberry Fields. I don’t know how you found it; I could barely see into the Park.

  6. 6 Terry Wilson

    Re: your fabulous Empire State Building… all I can say is, iStock’s loss!

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