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The image below has nothing to do with this post except that it was my other entry in the competition mentioned previously. I was sure it was going to win something from the judge who’s own photographic subjects are always shore themes. The image made it into the semi-final round but it didn’t score any […]



Last night the South Jersey Camera Club held its final competition of the season, before the 2 month summer break. It was our last chance to win points for a year of hard work and I was tied with 3 others in both monochrome prints and digital (A group). I did poorly in monochrome but […]

Altered States


Here’s another image from the Catskills that I thought I would share. I used a slow shutter speed and zoomed during the exposure. I was faced with a birch grove that was kind of cool but lacked that ‘certain something’. I decided to loosen up a little and play. (This is similar to another forest […]