Altered States


Here’s another image from the Catskills that I thought I would share. I used a slow shutter speed and zoomed during the exposure. I was faced with a birch grove that was kind of cool but lacked that ‘certain something’. I decided to loosen up a little and play. (This is similar to another forest zoom image I posted under the title ‘Impressions’ back in March.)

'Birch Grove Zoom' © Denise Bush

'Birch Grove Zoom' © Denise Bush

2 Responses to “Altered States”

  1. 1 Berglund Ralph

    Oh, sure. I’d recognize those birches anywhere. (And, a lovely image as well.)

  2. 2 Terry Wilson

    That’s a nice image! I keep meaning to try a zoom blur.

    I experimented with motion blur on that same trip by taking images out of a moving car. Got some nice abstract color smears, but they were rejected by iStock. I think I killed one of them all by myself by calling it a blurred stone wall. I’ll resubmit it one day and just call it an abstract background.

    A few years ago I was out shooting with a friend who also had a Canon, and was relatively new to it. She took a picture of me, but the shutter didn’t go off. She thought something was wrong, and naturally looked at her settings. When the camera was in motion as she was moving it back to her face for another try, the shutter went off. Yep, the timer was turned on. But the image was really cool! Because the camera was in a smooth, fluid motion during the exposure (as opposed to pressing the shutter while moving), it was a perfect vertical blur with a person in it.

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