Colorado – Crested Butte Scenics » D Bush_Colorado Wildflower Hill

‘Colorado Wildflower Hill’ © Denise Bush

2 Responses to “D Bush_Colorado Wildflower Hill”

  1. 1 Janice McAllister

    Hello Denise,

    Your image, “Colorado Wildflower Hill” is beautiful. I would like permission to use it in a small gardening workshop I’ll be giving titled, “Companion Planting and Natural Pest Control.” Your photo illustrates a point I want to make – that Nature arranges itself in a variety of species in order to optimize growth in each. The goal of the workshop is to help to educate people in the fact that the use of pesticides and herbicides is unnecessary for successful gardening. There is no financial reward for me.

    Thanks for your consideration. I hope you will say yes.

    Janice McAllister

    • 2 denisebushphoto

      Hi Janice —
      Thank you for the comment. You actually commented on the one photo instead of at the end of the post so if you don’t see it there you will know why. Yes, you may use the photo for the purpose you mention but please add the credit © under it. Good luck with your project!
      — Denise

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