Colorado – The Last Day


On my last day I set out to Crested Butte for a shoot on my own. It was drizzling a bit but I was optimistic that it would be perfect by the time I reached my spot. The sky was dark when I arrived and when the sun finally did appear, it was high enough in the sky that the scenes already seemed too harsh. I went to a spot where the wildflowers grow among the aspen trees and shot but in looking at my results think it was just too contrasty.

I was concentrating more on scenery but when I found a rare, pink lupine in the shade, I attached my macro lens and captured the detail in the flower as well as some lingering rain drops. On the way back to Gunnison I stopped to take a picture of a log barn I had been eying all week.

Later that day we enjoyed a scenic drive to Altmont and dined in Crested Butte. There was a terrible thunder storm, with huge lightning bolts and hail that accumulated in piles like snow. It lasted about 20 minutes then the sun came out again. On the way back to the Mesa RV Resort there was a beautiful, full rainbow with a faint double rainbow. The lens I had with me only went to 28mm wide and I could not fit the whole rainbow in the frame.

Once back in Gunnison, my sister Gaile and I decided to run down to Blue Mesa Lake for sunset. To the west it was uneventful with barely any color in the sky. The sky look somewhat interesting to the north so I decided it might be worth battling a few mosquitos for the shots below.

'Rare Pink Lupine" © Denise Bush

'Rare Pink Lupine" © Denise Bush

'Log Barn' © Denise Bush

'Log Barn' © Denise Bush

'Rainbow & Pine' © Denise Bush

'Rainbow & Pine' © Denise Bush

'Blue Mesa Lake & Evening Clouds' © Denise Bush

'Blue Mesa Lake & Evening Clouds' © Denise Bush

Blue Mesa Panorama © Denise Bush

'Blue Mesa Panorama' © Denise Bush

3 Responses to “Colorado – The Last Day”

  1. Great work in Colorado, I like the rainbow best of all, maybe because I never caught one. Thanks for sharing. Lou

  2. Congratulations . . . AWESOME WORK D!
    Love the Pink Lupine w/ rain droplets!!

  3. 3 Joe O'Hara

    Nice rainbow!

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