A New Season


A new season has begun at the South Jersey Camera Club after a short summer break. Our meetings are once a month and we have competitions at each meeting; Digital (A & B Group) and Prints (A & B Group). One month the prints are color and the next month they are monochrome. We have an abundance of really great shooters and the competition is tough. I was lucky to pull off a 3rd place for the photo below. My memory served me well as I remembered the judge liked flower photos in previous years. For me, flower photos need to have a uniqueness to them. (There are so many out there.) What I like about this is the very selective focus (shot at f 2.8) and its swirling, abstract quality.

'Extreme Hibiscus' © Denise Bush

'Extreme Hibiscus' © Denise Bush

2 Responses to “A New Season”

  1. R E A L L Y B E A U T I O U S! 5*’s from me sista!

  2. 2 Reggie

    Your work is fantastic

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