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Sunrise on our 2nd morning in Cape May is pictured in the two photos below. Since the sky lacked cloud interest, I concentrated on the reflections in the sand and water. I enjoy shooting sunrise. Quiet anticipation and a sense of awe are constant emotional ingredients to the experience.

After Sunrise


After sunrise at the pier last Saturday (see previous post) we headed to Hereford Lighthouse in North Wildwood. What makes the sight unique is the flowers that surround the building, now past their prime. It was November after all, so I was surprised to find this pretty dahlia. On our way back to Cape May […]

It sure gets dark early these days! We arrived in Cape May just before 5:00 last Friday … a little late to find a good sunset spot. It turned out to be uneventful anyway. We did find this funky old boathouse and I managed to snap a few frames before we lost the light all […]

Cape May Visit


I visited Cape May last weekend with my friend Wendy and a group from her camera club with whom I’ve become friends. We stayed overnight on Friday and Saturday and photographed a good variety of subjects during our stay. I will be showing some results over the next few days. This shot was made about […]