Nature Studies


At the end of last month 3 of my friends from the South Jersey Camera Club (Joanna, Terry, Jeanne) and I met in the dark and headed out to Whitesbog for sunrise. Our plan was to catch the Tundra Swans sleeping and make award winning photographs of them in the early morning light. As so often happens in the world of nature photography things did not go exactly according to plan. We found a group of four swans but they were quite far away … even for my 500 mm lens. Then a truck came along and scared them off, so that was that. In search of something to photograph we went to the village where we photographed the buildings and looked for nature subjects uncovered by close examination of the grounds. Here are some of my ‘nature studies’ from that morning.

'Dried Pitcher Plant Flower' © Denise Bush

'Ice Pattern' © Denise Bush

'Moss and Lichen' © Denise Bush

'The Trees Have Ears' © Denise Bush

4 Responses to “Nature Studies”

  1. 1 Ralph Berglund

    Nice post. Love “Ice Pattern.” The fungi on the birch tree and the related title are very Denisian.

  2. Love the ice patterns….. which is my fav…. second is the birches with the strong silent verticals…. it appears that winter is upon us… again… enjoy

  3. 3 Mary Helen Fink

    Beautiful photos Denise. I enjoyed them all!

  1. 1 A Little Bit of Elizabeth White, A Little Bit of Blueberry | The Cranberry Blue

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