As the saying goes … ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ So I say, ‘when life gives you snow, make snowtographs!’ Here are a couple more snow photos that I have submitted as stock images. These are more generic than those in the previous post and could be useful to graphic designers who want to add their message in a creative way.

'Fence Shadow in Snow' © Denise Bush
'Snow Coated Trees' © Denise Bush

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

Have we had enough snow for one season? Here in New Jersey this year we have set a new record with snowfall amounts of 70 plus inches … so far. With the last storm I figured I should take advantage of the situation and get out there while the snow was still clinging to the trees, so headed out to Batsto and arrived about 9:00 am. I was the only one there except for a snow plow that seemed to want to plow wherever I wanted to set my tripod. Batsto has long been a favorite spot of mine and I thought the snow would add a different element to the scenes that have become popular among fellow photogs.

'Historic Snowfall' © Denise Bush
'Winter at Batsto' © Denise Bush
'Crooked Tree' © Denise Bush

A Recurring Theme

Like many photographers I am drawn to windows and doors as a photographic subject. After reviewing some images I took this week I thought about how they have been a strong recurring theme in my work. In March of last year I wrote about windows in my post, ‘Exploring Themes’ and I recall that my first favorite photo in that B&W I was that of a window. I am drawn to all the ideas that windows and doors can represent; looking in, looking out, coming and going, the history, the lives that lived beyond those windows and doors, etc. I like to explore reflections in the glass that can enhance the image and add interest. Below are two window images shot last week at some historical sites in Berks County, PA. The interior shot, from Hopewell Furnace was created buy combining five exposures. This was necessary in my intent to get a correct exposure on both sides of the window, preventing the trees outside, from being blown out. The second shot, from a historic home in Morlatton Village, was created by combining three exposures which seem to have helped in a situation where the light was fading. In conclusion I think about how many photos of windows and doors I have taken, and will take, before I am done!

'Sunlit Room' © Denise Bush
'Looking In' © Denise Bush

Barefoot in the Snow

Last weekend I saw the strangest thing …

There was a light snow on the ground and I decided to drive out to Pakim Pond, in the Bendan Byrne State Forest and take a little hike with my camera and new waterproof boots. I set off on the trail that circles the pond and stopped at the dam to have a look. I looked ahead on the trail and noticed tracks from a couple of mountain bikers who had come through earlier. Then I saw them … bare footprints in the snow! They came out of nowhere and when I followed them they disappeared!

'Footprint in the Snow I' © Denise Bush
'Footprint in the Snow II' © Denise Bush