Barefoot in the Snow


Last weekend I saw the strangest thing …

There was a light snow on the ground and I decided to drive out to Pakim Pond, in the Bendan Byrne State Forest and take a little hike with my camera and new waterproof boots. I set off on the trail that circles the pond and stopped at the dam to have a look. I looked ahead on the trail and noticed tracks from a couple of mountain bikers who had come through earlier. Then I saw them … bare footprints in the snow! They came out of nowhere and when I followed them they disappeared!

'Footprint in the Snow I' © Denise Bush

'Footprint in the Snow II' © Denise Bush

3 Responses to “Barefoot in the Snow”

  1. Great photo’s of mysterious foot prints. I’m not sure what to make of them.

  2. 2 Ralph Berglund

    Yeah, what’s that all about? A Bigfoot? An unreconstructed Piney? I mean, even the Lenni Lenape wore moccasins.

  3. Looks like they were flat-footed too! 😀

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