Different Day … Different Light


Here are a few shots from the Catskill Winter Photo Weekend that I led last weekend. It was a fun time with 16 participants from the South Jersey Camera Club, Cranbury Camera Club and the Ocean County Camera Club. You can see the dramatic difference the light makes by comparing the photo of the pagoda here with the image from the previous post. Both were shot in the morning, one week apart. This weekend we had warm temperatures and sunny skies but as you can see the snow is not as fresh and no longer clinging to the trees. I am looking forward to seeing these locations in the Spring and I am probably not alone when I say, ‘I’ve had enough snow for one year’!

'Pagoda in the Woods' © Denise Bush

'Catskill View' © Denise Bush

'Artist's Falls' © Denise Bush

4 Responses to “Different Day … Different Light”

  1. Great shot! nice exposure!

  2. Love the Artists’ Falls shot. A lot brighter than when we were there!?!

  3. 3 denisebushphoto

    Thanks Ralph. The Artist’s Falls shot is from Sunday. I bracketed and combined the shots in Photomatix! I think this location will be better in the Spring when there is more water falling.

  4. beautiful light, Denise!

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