A Place to Go Back To


It’s nice to have a few local places you can go to when you are in the mood for a sunset. It is hard to see the sunset from where I live … surrounded by trees on flat land. Over the years I have scouted local sunset spots numerous times and they are limited. One spot where I can always go to see the sunset is just up the road from me at Atsion Lake, which is part of the Wharton State Forest. The gates to the lake close early so access is limited. It is difficult to find anything of interest for the foreground but I don’t abide by this as a steadfast rule. (And in general, I don’t believe in ‘rules’ for art.) Below I have posted 3 Atsion sunsets. In ‘Winter Sunset’ I used 2 tree silhouettes as a foreground element and to frame the scene. ‘Atsion Ice at Sunset’ uses the pattern of the ice in the foreground to draw you in. The most abstract of the group is ‘March Sunset’, shot last night. Here the dreamy reflections in the water draw me in to the high center of interest which is the colorful horizon. Hmmm … it looks like there may be another good sunset tonight!

'Winter Sunset at Atsion' © Denise Bush

'Atsion Ice at Sunset' © Denise Bush

'March Sunset' © Denise Bush

2 Responses to “A Place to Go Back To”

  1. I love the color and formation of the clouds in your image “Atsion Ice at Sunset”

  2. Very nice set. I like them all.

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