Photos From Hallowed Ground


The Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia has been calling me back since my first visit this past December. On Monday I met up with a couple of my camera club friends and we made a fun afternoon of it. You may not think of a cemetery as being a ‘fun’ place to visit but when you are a photographer presented with the many interesting subjects Laurel Hill has to offer you can’t help but have fun. The sense that you are in the company of so many who no longer walk this earth adds a feeling of reverence and thrill to the experience. Dating back into the 1700’s the tombstones and monuments reveal little stories and prompt speculation about those who are buried here. One grave is marked by a statue of a mother holding infant twins. The inscription tells that a mother is buried here with her children. ‘She must have died in childbirth along with the infants’, I thought. Cherubs, guardian angels and religious symbolism abound, all becoming more interesting with the worn and weathered look of time. Here are just a few of the images I captured on this trip.

'Mother With Twins' © Denise Bush

'Aging Gracefully' © Denise Bush

'Guardian Angel' © Denise Bush

'Weathered Cherub' © Denise Bush

'Sorrowful Figure' © Denise Bush

'Twisted Tree' © Denise Bush

'Celtic Cross' © Denise Bush

2 Responses to “Photos From Hallowed Ground”

  1. Great shots, I especially liked the emotion in Sorrowful Figure, Great job!

  2. This is great!!! I love these photos and I am so glad that somebody else than me visits cemeteries and takes photos there.

    Thank You.

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