From the Garden


Garden enthusiasts everywhere rush to the garden once Spring arrives; raking, digging, pruning and nurturing plants that have managed to survive another winter. I have done my share of gardening over the years but have cut back recently, tired of fighting with the deer, voles, poor soil and shade. The kind of gardening I enjoy these days is with my camera. There are many local, community and botanical gardens nearby and I enjoy visiting them often. The photos below were all shot at the Pinelands Preservation Alliance where I am a member. There were many specimen’s springing up in the garden and signs of more to come. Volunteers of the ‘Master Gardeners’ program were at work on the beds of native and perrenial plants while I was there. I am grateful to those who spend their time tending to the gardens I so enjoy with my camera.

'Mustard Close-up' © Denise Bush

'Bleeding Hearts' © Denise Bush

'Fiddlehead Ferns' © Denise Bush

'Crab Apple Blossom' © Denise Bush

'Common Frog' © Denise Bush

6 Responses to “From the Garden”

  1. Nice. Love the fiddleheads. You and I were both out photographing flowers this week. I’ve posted Tuesday’s Whitesbog wildflowers. Also, I was on Amico Island yesterday for some more wildflowers but I’ll post them later this week..

  2. Awesome fiddleheads, I got a lot of them in the yard, but yours look more interesting. I want to do a time lapse of them. Great frog shot!

  3. Beautiful spring photographs! Well done.

  4. Well done Denise. I love your Spring collection. I have to get out and shoot, but I’m busy “tending my garden”, and developing my travel photos. The Cape is beautiful in the Spring.

  5. 5 Joe

    Love your pictures. It makes me want to see spring. It just snowed in Colorado again this week, so I am afraid we are a little behind New Jersey as far as Spring is concerned. I love your ‘Fiddlehead Ferns’. It reminds me a bit of candy canes. lol. Great shots. Love the colors in all of them.

  6. 6 denisebushphoto

    Thanks everyone! I have been a little lax in updating my blog the past couple of weeks but will be in the processing stage during the next two weeks. I will have lots of Spring mountain images. I just returned from leading a photo tour in the Catskills in New York and went on a photo trip to Rickett’s Glen, Pennsylvania the previous weekend. Coming soon — stay tuned!

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