Go Both Ways!


When shooting a subject I like to try both, vertical and horizontal compositions. They often offer two totally different looks. Here are two shots from a recent trip to Rickett’s Glen in Pennsylvania. Here I prefer the vertical shot. It seems to accentuate the height and direction of the falls. The horizontal shot includes a small cascade to the right that I think is a bit distracting from the main subject. Rickett’s Glen State Park offers views of more than 20 waterfalls. They are very accessible along two trails that meet about halfway down the mountain. Look for more images from Rickett’s Glen in my next post!

'Adams Falls I' © Denise Bush

'Adams Falls II' © Denise Bush

5 Responses to “Go Both Ways!”

  1. Gorgeous. Just plain gorgeous.

    (When’s the next workshop?)

  2. 2 denisebushphoto

    Thanks Steve. These photos were from a group trip to Rickett’s Glen two weeks ago. Last weekend I went to the Catskills and led a photo tour. I will have photos from that trip (where we also shot several waterfalls) after I post a few more from Rickett’s Glen. The next Catskill Photographers Weekend will be in the Fall, from October 15-17. I will post a flyer on the Pinelands Yahoo Group as soon as I have it.

  3. Lovely. I was trying to figure out which of our Catskill falls this was until I read your description. Anyway, nice to see some waterfalls for a change 😉

  4. You nailed the exposure!
    Cheers !

  5. 5 denisebushphoto

    Thanks Lou! This won an HM in color prints at the club last night. I got a 2nd place for one of my prison scenes too.

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