Scouting Locations


I headed up to scout Catskill locations a day prior to the Spring Photographers Weekend that I would be leading May 14-16th. Matt, who works at the Glen Falls House Resort and is an excellent photographer, accompanied me. Since I have several shots I’d like to post, I thought I’d show you a few I shot while scouting. Among our stops were some locations that were not suitable for the tour for one reason or another. Locations had to be considered according to time of day, proximity to one another, parking and appeal. The spot where I shot ‘On the Edge’ would have been too steep for the group — my knees still hurt from carrying all that equipment on such steep terrain! Once I find a spot I like, I name the location and enter it into my GPS favorites. This makes it so easy to get to any of the favorites from anywhere on the road. The light on this Thursday afternoon and then Friday morning was gray and overcast so I needed to enhance the contrast and color while processing. Some were processed by combining 3 bracketed shots to bring out a full tonal range. Here are some of my scouting results.

'Before Sunset at North Lake' © Denise Bush

'Foggy Valley View' © Denise Bush

'On the Edge' © Denise Bush

'View from Polly's Rock' © Denise Bush

2 Responses to “Scouting Locations”

  1. Before Sunset at North Lake is a wow!

  2. Love the foggy valley!

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