Catskill Morning


Here are a few images from the Saturday morning tour in the Catskills. We warmed up by stopping roadside at Schalk’s Falls before heading up to Platte Cove which offers views of high peaks and steep valleys. The clouds were pretty so we stopped to photograph the mountains, trees and clouds before proceeding up to Old Mill Falls, also located roadside. Here, there are small cascades to photograph up close or through an arched bridge. A woman who lived up the private drive saw our tripods and invited us to photograph her view of the Hudson Valley. It was a bit difficult as it was extremely windy from her mountain top home and the vista was pointed toward the sun. I managed a silhouette of the view with a little help from Photoshop. From here we headed to a spooky abandoned inn. The group seemed to enjoy the location as well as the horses and ponies that lived next door. Our last stop before lunch was to a waterfall and little covered bridge just up the road from the Glen Falls House. The sun was getting high by this time but the group enjoyed exploring a variety of woodland and stream subjects before heading back to the resort for food and a little rest!

'Waiting for the Clouds' © Denise Bush

'Woodland Cascade' © Denise Bush

'Viera's View' © Denise Bush

'Spooky Inn' © Denise Bush

'Covered Foot Bridge' © Denise Bush

3 Responses to “Catskill Morning”

  1. Great collection, the ‘Woodland Cascade’ is my favorite, it has a very serine quality to it and a perfectly balanced composition. I must confess, waterfalls are my favorite.

  2. 2 Sue Carson

    I’m sorry to say I haven’t looked at anyone’s stuff/blogs for a while. Just browsing based on the latest round of emails re: Watkins Glen and took a look at your Catskills photos. Nice. I had to write because I know that footbridge like the back of my hand. That’s on Winter Clove’s property. Ailsa has gone swimming under that waterfall and we’ve spent many a quiet and very happy day there. Made me smile.

    • 3 denisebushphoto

      Thanks for visiting my blog Sue. I remember you telling me you and Ailsa stayed there. The owners were gracious enough to give us permission to photograph on the property twice now. As a thank you I gave them a print of the falls and bridge in the winter. I understand we both have photographs hanging in the inn now.

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