Catskill Afternoon


After a lunch break back at the Glen Falls House we resumed our tour. With a quick stop at an overlook that boasts visibility of 5 states we headed to a large beaver site. Here we photographed the skillful carvings and architecture by the local beavers. The next stop was ‘All Souls Church’ which was quaint and photogenic with its surrounding stone fence. Once there I called the caretakers who we had met while scouting to come unlock the doors as they had offered so we could photograph the interior. We had to be careful not to shake the floor with our long exposures. Our last stop was to the site where the Catskill Mountain House once stood. The sky was as clear as anyone who had been there before had ever seen and the view of the Hudson Valley was beautiful. Carvings in the rocky ledge date back to the 1700’s. We returned back to the resort for our dinner and went back out for sunset. Even though the sunset was less than photogenic, our view from a neighboring B&B’s deck was wonderful and a nice way to end the day.

'Beaver Etchings' © Denise Bush

'Beaver Dam' © Denise Bush

'Beaver Pond Reflection' © Denise Bush

'All Souls Church'

'All Souls Church Interior' © Denise Bush

'Escarpment View' © Denise Bush

One Response to “Catskill Afternoon”

  1. Great job on the beaver pond and also a good job on the shadow recovery on the church.

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