Lancaster County


Last week my friend (and fellow photographer) and I spent a couple of days in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The temperature was sweltering … around 100 degrees and the sky a bit hazy but we made the best of it and were thankful for the air conditioning in the car. As a starting place we decided to find some of the many covered bridges in the area and stop along the way if we saw anything photogenic. It turned out to be a lot of fun just trying to find the bridges because the directions were terrible and one bridge led to the next. Our GPS wasn’t much help since most of the roads we plugged in came up blank and half of the time we weren’t even sure what town we were in. It became quite a scavenger hunt. Most of the bridges looked very similar and we joked that they were all the same bridge. On our tour we passed a house where I noticed a garage that looked like an old time filling station. I convinced my friend to turn around so I could knock on the door and ask permission to photograph the old gas tank. The man was very nice and led us back to view his collection of antique cars and other memorabilia. The countryside along our travels was beautiful. The Amish farms are so well kept and lacking all the junk you find around most ‘English’ farms. They even plant flowers around their barns. As expected we saw teams of horses or mules in the farm fields and several buggies on the roads. We went to the Strasburg Railroad where the engine was done for the day and we shot some pictures with the warm afternoon light. Here are just a few of the hundreds of photos I took during the two days.

'Kurtz's Mill Covered Bridge' © Denise Bush

'Inside Information' © Denise Bush

'Busher's Mill Covered Bridge' © Denise Bush

'After the Hay is Cut' © Denise Bush

'Farmland Pictorial' © Denise Bush

'Patriotic Barn' © Denise Bush

'Team of Four' © Denise Bush

'Visiting neighbors' © Denise Bush

'Old Time Garage' © Denise Bush

'The Collection' © Denise Bush

'All Aboard!' © Denise Bush

'Strasburg Railroad' © Denise Bush

3 Responses to “Lancaster County”

  1. Hi Denise.
    Wow, these photos of Lancaster are superb!!!! One better than the other.

  2. 2 denisebushphoto

    Thanks Kathleen. These are OK — I guess. I don’t feel like any of them are ‘award winners’. That’s what I’m looking for these days — award winners!

  3. Hi Denise,
    What great looking photos. I think the quality and appearance ARE GREAT. As FOR AWARD WINNERS … as an ex locomotive engineer I like the pic with the steam engine.

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