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Time Travel


On Saturday I met up with a friend at Fort Mott, down in Pennsville, NJ for a day trip that took us back in time. At Fort Mott we were able to board what is called the ‘Three Forts Ferry’ over to Pea Patch Island where Fort Delaware is located. I was surprised by how […]

Lust for Rust


Why is it that I find old and rusty discarded items so fascinating? Why do I feel like I am in my photographic element in a junk yard or poking around abandoned buildings? I guess I know the answers to these questions, at least in part. I love wondering about who used the items and […]

The more I target my outdoor photo shoots around sunrise and early morning, and late day and sunset, the more I realize the light is quite often not golden. I am presented with the choice of coming back another time or shooting for a different mood. I seem to always choose the later. Less than […]

August 1st through the 4th I participated in a workshop titled ‘Photographing the Night Landscape’. Held in Inlet, NY in the Adirondacks, the program was very well-presented by Mark Bowie of the Adirondack Photography Institute. The group stayed at the Woods Inn on Fourth Lake which is part of the Fulton Chain of Lakes. It […]