Weathered Barns


There’s something about old, weathered barns that you just gotta love. Here’s one that I have been after for a few years and in all seasons. It’s in one of those positions that just doesn’t get great morning or afternoon light from an approachable vantage point. The clouds were looking interesting around 6 pm one day last week so I took a ride out to see how the scene looked. The diffused light didn’t provide for much contrast but harsh shadows weren’t a problem either. It was quite windy so I boosted my ISO to 800 to freeze the blowing leaves and provide maximum sharpness. I’m hoping to find more weathered barns later this month on a trip to Western New York.

3 Responses to “Weathered Barns”

  1. 1 Ralph Berglund

    This is a lovely scene. I love the pale peach in the sky, the rusty roofs, the repitition of the roof triangles, the little lean-to shed, the fence in the lower right, the yellow flowered weeds, the missing boards in the gray-blue siding, and the touches of pink in the gravel. Especially with the feathery foliage and overall color toning it has something of the feel of one of Atkinson Fox’s English Gardens.

  2. I love it !!!
    I agree with Ralph.
    I hope you also got some good detail shots, and HDR.

  3. 3 denisebushphoto

    Thanks Ralph and Jeff! Your comments help me to know whether it is something or not! Jeff … maybe this IS an HDR image! You need to be pretty quick to get your multiple exposures in when the wind is blowing foliage around … hence the ISO 800.

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