Along the Way


Last week my husband and I traveled up to Niagara Falls for a mini-vacation. I wanted to visit the towns where my people are from on our way which are in the rural area south of Buffalo. I have many fond memories visiting my grandparents and great grandparents and wanted to see what it was like after not having been there for thirty-some years. We visited the graveyard in Cottage first before heading to my great grandfather’s old house. I was proud of myself to have found it, just down from the old corner store. Sadly, it looked nothing like I had remembered, green with the red tin roof and maple buckets hanging from the trees out front. On our way to Gowanda, where my mother was from we passed a barn that was covered in vines … barely recognizable if it were not for the exposed tin roof. We passed the dairy farm that once belonged to my great grandfather Allen (on my father’s side) and I was glad to see it was still working and hadn’t changed much. Gowanda, one of the larger towns in the area had done pretty well in keeping up with the times. There were several quaint shops and new places to eat. I had trouble figuring out which building was the old Ben Franklin that we would walk to each trip in order to purchase something to keep us busy while at Gramma’s house. We passed the old railroad station where as a young girl my mother would greet soldiers passing through on their way to or home from the war. It was getting late and my curiosity was satisfied so we headed to the Comfort Inn and looked forward to our next day at Niagara Falls. (Photos to come in my next post.)

'Invasion of the Vines' © Denise Bush

'Gowanda Train Station' © Denise Bush

3 Responses to “Along the Way”

  1. Great photos and story to go with them.
    Looks like you had a great trip down memory lane.
    It’s nice to re-visit your childhood memories.

  2. Nice story about a nice day. Love that stuff. And, a nice barn scene. Let’s see now: it’s frogs, junk yards, and barns…right?

    From beach, fog, and bay birds Bergie

  3. Nice barn D! I like the one in the previous post too.

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