The Birches


I will be posting photos from my New Hampshire trip in no particular order. My friend and I had fun playing in some of the birch stands while in the White Mountains. I could have spent hours walking among them and finding different compositions. Here are 3 very different photos that I am fond of.

'Birch with Fungus' © Denise Bush

'Bent Birches' © Denise Bush

'Colorful Surroundings' © Denise Bush


4 Responses to “The Birches”

  1. I must say I am very fond of them as well !!!
    Do I see a hint of HDR in the last 2 photos?
    Now I really regret not having gone up north for fall foliage this year,
    although it is just starting here on the Cape.
    I have another workshop I’m teaching starting Oct 20th.
    Denise, will you be at Photo Plus in NY?

  2. Birches are some of my favorite trees to photograph because of their awesome bark. They do so well in the early morning or evening (my favorite times to shoot) because they stand out so well.

  3. 3 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for looking! We were slightly early for the foliage but if we had waited another week we may have been slightly late.

    Yes Jeff — I used Photomatix on these. No — I won’t be at Photo Plus. I am headed up to lead a Fall Catskill Photo Weekend on Thursday and hoping there is still color there. It should be peaking at the end of this month here in South Jersey. October just isn’t long enough! Good luck with your workshop.

  4. 4 Bonnie Rovere

    These are really beautiful Denise. You caught some great color. The rainbow is just the perfect touch!

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