Moose Hunting


As mentioned in a previous post our trip to New Hampshire included a visit to Moose Alley. This is a remote area in the most northern part of New Hampshire near the Canadian border. We spent 2 days here doing some serious moose hunting, searching side dirt roads and the forest edges along the roadway. On our first afternoon there we spotted a huge bull moose crossing the dirt road ahead. We drove up to get a better look and capture him with our cameras but he had already disappeared in the woods. He stood still as if he thought we couldn’t see him. I managed to snap a few frames between the branches and call this shot ‘The One That Got Away’ (below). The next day we traveled many miles searching for moose. We found several spots where we thought they should be waiting for us and posing for some award winning photographs but we just weren’t that lucky. On the second afternoon we found a cow on the edge of the forest with her big bull mate further back in the woods where we could not get a clear shot. Several people stopped and scared her into the forest so we left and came back once everyone else was gone. We waited in the brush for her to reappear and that she did but the male was nowhere in sight. Then, on our last day in the White Mountains we came across a young male on the side of the road. Unfortunately his antlers were not yet formed into the impressive rack of a mature male. I read that it takes 3 years for a male to form a full paddled rack. We had a lot of fun moose hunting and were fortunate to see some other wildlife on our trip which I will be displaying in an upcoming post.

'The One That Got Away' © Denise Bush

'Mrs. Moose' © Denise Bush

'Young Moose' © Denise Bush

'Young Moose Profile' © Denise Bush


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