Moving Waters


While in the White Mountains we spent a good percentage of our time shooting the many streams and waterfalls. With the recent rains the waters were flowing nicely over the colorful New Hampshire granite. We welcomed the clouds and light rain since it makes for the best conditions to shoot these types of scenes, eliminating the glare and hot spots that would be present if it was sunny. Thank goodness it was nothing like my 2005 flood workshop experience where it poured non-stop for a week transforming cascades into giant waterfalls over-flowing the banks. If you go to the White Mountains in the Fall be prepared for some rain as the average rainfall for October is 4 inches.

'Mountain Stream' © Denise Bush

'Colliseum Falls Detail' © Denise Bush

'The Basin Stream' © Denise Bush

'Rocky Gorge' © Denise Bush

11 Responses to “Moving Waters”

  1. I agree with Sandra, gorgeous! 🙂 The colors of northeastern autumn are beautiful and I am so envious!

  2. Beautiful !!!
    Now I’m really jealous I didn’t make it up north for foliage.
    Some of these look like Franconia Notch State Park (I think that’s what it’s called).

  3. 4 denisebushphoto

    Thank for your nice comments everyone! I have more to come. I peaked at my Catskill images and like some of them too. Yes Jeff — they are from all over the White Mountains; Franconia Knotch, Kancamagus Highway, Crawford Notch & Pinkham Notch. We haven’t reached peak foliage down here — come on down!

  4. Just lovely. The water becomes a transformed substance.

  5. There’s nothing like the Catskills anytime of year and you captured it beautifully.

  6. 7 denisebushphoto

    Thanks Angela and Joe.

    Joe — These photos are from the White Mts. in New Hampshire. I will be posting some autumn images from the Catskill once I finish posting my NH images. I have a few more to come.

  7. I like all of the streams but that Rocky Gorge shot is another hang-up-the-camera shot. That’s two from New Hampshire (St. Francis ? Lake) that I wouldn’t want to compete against!!

  8. 9 Linda Kamholz

    Have to agree with Ralph. The Rocky Gorge shot is exquisite!
    Do I see you leading a New Hampshire Photo Tour in future? Oh please say YES!

  9. 10 denisebushphoto

    Hmmm … maybe I could lead a New Hampshire tour in the future. I’ve been there several times!

  10. I like the sharpness of the pictures. Great pictures and nice shot buddy!

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