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Autumn Encore!


I’m sitting here waiting for the turkey to roast and decided to post the last of my Fall images. These images are local scenes … scenes outsiders wouldn’t recognize as being ‘New Jersey’. I always tell people I’m from ‘South Jersey’. There’s too much negative attention on the state, most of which comes from what […]

I joked with a friend that I had photographed so many waterfalls this year I was going to publish a waterfall coffee table book. My seasonal trips to the Catskills, a Spring trip to Rickett’s Glen and Autumn trips to New Hampshire and the Poconos  provided me with a lot of opportunities to photograph various […]

I have so many Catskill images to show I decided to include them all in one giant post. These were taken during a 3-day period … scouting locations on Friday, the actual Saturday tour and some group locations on Sunday. Shot in the Northern Catskills, this was my third time leading the tour. I’ve led […]

Here are three of my favorite photos shot at the Raptor Center during the Catskills Fall Photographers Weekend that I led in the middle of October. I used my 100-400mm lens and was happy with its performance. The birds were so close that there were a few times I had to step back to achieve […]

Here are a few last scenic images from my trip to New Hampshire. On our last day just before heading back to our hotel for the last time, we received a heart-warming gift … a rainbow over the distant Presidential Range. Winding around a curve on Bear Notch Road we were immediately struck with the […]

No week-long photo trip in the country would be complete without at least a few barn images. So, here they are:  ‘Old Barn Door’ and ‘Barn with Cupola’ was the same barn I had captured on my trip back in 2003. The interesting old tow truck was no longer beside it so I chose to […]

After a 2-week break I’m back to finish posting images from my trip to New Hampshire’s North Country and White Mountain regions. A few weeks ago I led a photo tour in the Northern Catskills and this past week was spent with my family from Florida. The family enjoyed the New Jersey foliage and so […]