Catskill Raptors


Here are three of my favorite photos shot at the Raptor Center during the Catskills Fall Photographers Weekend that I led in the middle of October. I used my 100-400mm lens and was happy with its performance. The birds were so close that there were a few times I had to step back to achieve a focusing distance. Both the birds and handler were active so we still needed to be quick with the critical focus needed for this type of image. These were hand-held with image stabilization on.

'Red Tailed Hawk Profile' © Denise Bush

'Kestrel Perched' © Denise Bush

'Taking Flight' © Deniuse Bush

One Response to “Catskill Raptors”

  1. Hi Denise,
    This post is absolutely fantastic. The photo of the Red Tailed Hawk is fabulous. I frequently visit in the Eager to Learn critigue section and have been overwhelmed at some of the photos presented there. I think if you submitted the Red Tailed Hawk you would fall into there highest catagory. Beautiful, beautiful photo. Great job.

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