A Year of Waterfalls


I joked with a friend that I had photographed so many waterfalls this year I was going to publish a waterfall coffee table book. My seasonal trips to the Catskills, a Spring trip to Rickett’s Glen and Autumn trips to New Hampshire and the Poconos  provided me with a lot of opportunities to photograph various falls, cascades and babbling brooks in 2010. This was a lucky year for me in local juried photography exhibits winning 3 first place awards, one second place award and a merit award. I received my most recent award from Center for the Arts in Southern New Jersey (CFA) for a B&W waterfall image. I have included it here along with some images from the Poconos. When photographing waterfalls I like to explore the possibility of representing a ‘sense of place’ instead representing the waterfall alone. Being able to achieve this of course depends upon the scene and surroundings. I always use a tripod and slow shutter speed to capture the feeling of moving water. In my most successful images I sometimes think I can hear the water too!

'A Place Where the Water Falls' © Denise Bush

'Pocono Falls' © Denise Bush

'Babbling Brook' © Denise Bush

'Pocono Cascade' © Denise Bush

4 Responses to “A Year of Waterfalls”

  1. 1 Jack Mroz

    Great images of our outing. We were at the Lehigh Gorge at Rockport. We must do it again. I want that 5d II camera. I hope to have it by next Fall.

    Super images of the Catskills. I love the birch/rainbow image.

  2. 2 Terry Wilson

    You are so right about the sense of place. When I looked at my last images from the Catskills, I was thinking my waterfalls all looked the same. That’s a great image from Rickett’s Glen. I love the pebbles in the foreground stream – they make a perfect contrast to the silky waterfall. There are more plusses in this image too; a very complete photo!

  3. A gorgeous essay. I am particularly fond of the black-and-white “A Place Where the Water Falls.”

    • Thank you Susan! Although shot a few years ago, ‘A Place Where the Water Falls’ remains one of my favorites. It won first place in a juried exhibit. I appreciate you taking the time to come look and leave a comment.

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