Snow Place Like Home


For as long as I can remember I have been interested in ‘home’ and especially ‘abandoned homes’ as subjects. The homes below are some of the special places I have gone back to to photograph time and time again. They are all within a short distance from my home. Shot during the snowfall, winter’s muted palette created monotone images that I have simply taken a step further. I have found that not all snowfalls are equal. I like the kind when the wind is still and the snow clings to the trees. I’ve learned I need to act on these opportunities quickly, before the wind or sun interfere with the look I love. For me the winter season lends meaning to these subjects whether thinking about their purpose as shelter or how they struggle to remain in the ‘winter of their years’.

'Another Winter' © Denise Bush

'Winter Welcome' © Denise Bush

'Winter Cabin' © Denise Bush

6 Responses to “Snow Place Like Home”

  1. Nice black and white work, it gives the image that cold feel… burrrrrrrrrr

  2. Nice comment and images. The snow between the logs emphasizes the contrast and the statement of the log lines. (I mean, it looks nice.)

  3. I like these. I too have a facination for homes, old ones, even abandoned ones with no windows that look like the wind is going to tip them over. I love the cabin, and the lines the snow on each log makes. How the snow collects on the trees making them rich with beauty where otherwise they would look bare and without life. You inspire me Denise – I really must get myself outside to take some photographs. Thank you.

  4. Hi Denise.
    You know how I feel about winter and the cold temps from being with me to Philly the other day. I give you a lot of credit for getting out and taking these photos in the cold and snowy weather conditions. I think they just add to the fine quality of work that you present.

  5. Love these shots D! 5 * * * * * ‘s ~ As you know, I am also fascinated by shacks. (Must run in the family!) 😀 Hugs, San

  6. 6 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for looking everyone! BTW — that’s the mortar in between the logs, not snow.

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