‘Seasoned’ Images


In a couple of weeks I will be leading a Catskill Winter Photo Weekend from my friends resort in Roundtop, NY. I’ll go up a day early to scout and come up with a line-up of photogenic spots. Some places will be spots we have visited before … in different seasons, in different weather and in different light. As much as I enjoy exploring, I also enjoy being able to return to the same spots and try again. This gives me a chance to improve upon a photo I might have taken at an earlier date or capture it in a whole new way. I can perhaps try a different lens than the one used on a former shoot, look for macro subjects, compress the scene with a telephoto or create a panorama. Sometimes it is not until the second, third or fourth time back to a place before I capture an image that ‘wows’ me. The possibilities can open up to something quite unique as you strive for a fresh angle or composition. Here I simply show 2 images shot at the same scene in two different seasons. The snow and B&W conversion give the same scene a totally different look.

'Old Winter Barn' © Denise Bush

'Still Standing' © Denise Bush

4 Responses to “‘Seasoned’ Images”

  1. Different looks and feels. Both very strong and emotional!

  2. IMHO; the two images together are far more powerful than either one alone.

  3. I like the comparison. Nice.

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