More Winter Scenes

Having not posted since January 22nd, I felt compelled to do so. I haven’t been shooting much in the last couple of weeks except on a couple of occasions when my ‘cabin fever’ was so bad I just had to get out! As someone who has always liked winter and the snow it is hard for me to admit that even ‘I’ am a little sick it, not to mention the extreme temps. I enjoy getting out and turning onto any back road I come upon to see what I can find. I am quite familiar with most in the area but never have to worry about getting lost as long as I have my trusty GPS with me. When I get out and especially when I get out with my camera, I find winter doesn’t seem quite so bad. Here are a few photos from recent weeks.

'Cold Afternoon' © Denise Bush

'Remains of the Day' © Denise Bush
'Winter Swept Farm' © Denise Bush