Goodbye to Winter!


For me, Winter seemed especially tough this year probably due to my working from home again and not getting out as much. At times I felt like I was hibernating! I was glad that I got down to the beach after the most recent storm as I had never seen snow on the beach before. I didn’t come away with any ‘WOWs’ but like the curves and sky in the one posted below. With Spring just 15 days away and counting I am so looking forward to the warmer weather and getting out with my camera more often. So with this post I officially say farewell to snow scenes and Winter … until next year of course!

'Lonesome Beach' © Denise Bush

7 Responses to “Goodbye to Winter!”

  1. 1 Nate

    Wonderful photograph, I love the white of the light in the sky against the darkness of the clouds. Thanks for sharing this photograph and good-bye Winter!
    – Nate

  2. I think it’s lovely and I love the clouds.

  3. This really says “Jersey”!

  4. 4 Mike Pillows

    Say it ain’t so…. I think we have another snow storm coming. I for one am not ready for warm weather yet. Nice pict…love the sky and leading fence lines. You know what is weird…. I hardly ever shoot down at the shore.

  5. This is my turf and I wish I had taken this image. Love the sky. (BTW, looks like the Holyoke Avenue surfing beach jetty??)

  6. 6 denisebushphoto

    Thanks everyone for looking and leaving your comments! Ralph – I am not sure of the location but I did go down that way so it very well could be. You think all beaches look the same until you start photographing them. I went down several streets and hiked out to the beach. I was looking for a place where I could get some kind of dune interest in the image and many areas didn’t have that for me.

    • Yeah…I think I see the outline of my flip-flops under the snow on the left. I left ’em there last November. Great sky!

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