Where Were You Last Night?


Did you see the moonrise last night? It appeared 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than usual. Called the ‘supermoon’, it occurs when a full moon is at its ‘perigee’ … slightly closer than usual to Earth. Relatively rare, supermoons happen only every 18 years or so. The last time was March 1993, and the next will be 2029. I headed down to LBI early in order to scout a location that would include the Barnegat Lighthouse. I found a spot on a public bay beach behind the light facing east. I soon found out that I wasn’t the only one with the idea when two other photographers came along and just like me, had Canon 100-400mm lenses mounted and ready. I was glad for the company as we were there a bit early anticipating the event. The moon appeared largest when it first came up and decreased to a more normal looking size as it rose higher. It was quite windy and even though my camera was mounted on a sturdy tripod there was some shake that caused blur in some of the shots. I was using an ISO of 400, so next time, in 2029 I think I’ll try 800! Where were you?

'Moonrise at Barnegat Light' © Denise Bush

'Barnegat Moonrise' © Denise Bush

14 Responses to “Where Were You Last Night?”

  1. 1 Mike Pillows

    Well lets see…. like you, I was going to shoot it by the bogs near home when I got called away… (family) …love em, hate em, there always around.

    Love both shots… the 1st gives some depth and perspective, the 2nd shows what it is all about. Please no moon category for next year. Its going to take me awhile to come up with something more dramatic…like 29yrs… hope you can wait 🙂

  2. 3 Jeff

    I knew you’d be out there and I’m glad you got such a clear night. I was purging my studio so I kinda forgot about it until later. When I went out to see it, it was high in sky not much bigger but it did seem a lot brighter.

  3. Nice captures, Denise. Check out submitting that to the Sandpaper for their next year’s calendar.

  4. 5 Vince Esbrandt

    Awesome Pictures!!!!. Great idea shooting at the lighthouse. I tried 800 (and higher ISO’s) but I couldn’t adjust the other variables enough to where my shots weren’t too grainy. I was at Williamstown HS parking lot. By 2029 I’ll scope out a better location. Great job on your pictures!!

  5. 6 Cary

    Hi Denise,

    It was nice meeting and shooting with you last night. You got some great shots! I’m kicking myself for not moving further North sooner, to put the moon closer to the light. I also noticed some slight blurring in about half my shots, from the wind, which was disappointing. I’ve bookmarked your site and will continue following your excellent work!


  6. These look awesome, Denise! Great job…I want at least one for the gallery 🙂
    I admire your patience and your planning…

  7. Spectacular!!!!!!!!

  8. 9 denisebushphoto

    Thanks to all for the comments!

  9. 10 Jared

    That is spectacular! I’m one of the students that attended the workshop at BCC and I loved your presentation. I’m the kid who asked if my camera had the capabilities :)… Turns out it does have some good manual capabilites. I wasn’t prepared with photos of mine, as my teachers didn’t inform me I should have brought some. I was wondering if maybe you could give me your email and give me some critique, suggestions, or opinions on some of my photos? If not I understand, and if yes there is no rush. THANKS!

    • 11 denisebushphoto

      Hey Jared — I emailed you a reply. Thanks for looking at my blog. I’m glad you liked my presentation.

  10. I just found these 2 Barnegat moon rise photos of yours. Sweet! Well done.
    I just stood on a hill in Pennsylvania and watched it rise… no photos of my own… yours are fantastic. Thanks. Jim

  11. Just Plain Stunning!

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