Ms. Bush Goes to Washington

This post presents my images from last weekends South Jersey Camera Club trip to DC. We arrived at our hotel in Arlington on Friday afternoon where we were free to explore on our own until we met up with our leader and others in our group of twelve. My travel companion and I took a walk over to Georgetown University where we warmed up our cameras on the architecture, cherry blossoms and rowers on the Potomac. After a group dinner we purchased our Metro tickets and went to the Capitol for a night shoot. The combination of clouds and light pollution transformed the sky into an odd reddish hue. It was windy so a Capitol reflection in the pool was not possible but I do like the water movement that was captured. An f stop of 16 (or near that) transformed every light into a starburst. The next morning we got out early, so early in fact the Metro was not quite ready for us. After a short wait and ride among thousands of fit runners participating in a marathon that day we landed at the tidal basin. The early morning sun warmed the Jefferson Memorial and lit up the cherry trees along the banks. For lunch we headed to Union Station where I photographed some interesting architectural elements. After a short break back at the hotel we took the Metro to Arlington Cemetery where we bought trolley tickets to cover some ground quickly since it was getting late. Here I passed up on the opportunity to join the crowd and see the changing of the guard so I could get a few shots in before closing. After dinner that night a few of us went on an interesting ride to find the site of the Netherland’s Carillion where we could see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial and the Capitol Building all lined up. This was our last DC location. In the morning we headed out and stopped on the Virginia side of the Great Falls on the Potomac. It was a fun time with a great group which left me wondering when I might be able to go back … there is so much to see and do … and shoot!

'Red Sky Over the Capitol' © Denise Bush
'Capitol Illuminated' © Denise Bush
'Jefferson Memorial Thru Cherry Trees' © Denise Bush
'Helen's Cherry Trees' © Denise Bush
'Arlington' © Denise Bush
'Amphitheater Light & Shadow' © Denise Bush
'All Lined Up' © Denise Bush