All Aboard!

In this post I am featuring the train portion of my Lancaster day trip. After exploring the Strasburg Railroad Station for a while we headed over to the Pennsylvania State Railroad Museum. Here they have many restored trains, models and nice displays. Rather than going for ‘pictures of trains’ I mostly focused in on train parts, close-ups and still life set-ups. The great thing about the museum is that they do allow you to use your tripod indoors. There are also some old, rusty trains outdoors that have not been restored. If you go, I would suggest going mid-week to avoid crowds. There was plenty of subject matter and it was fun place to photograph.

'The Train Conductor' © Denise Bush
'Sitting Car' © Denise Bush
'Railroad Crossroads' © Denise Bush
'Local Produce' © Denise Bush
'Fresh Fruit' © Denise Bush
'Baggage' © Denise Bush
'Canadian National' © Denise Bush
'Warning Light' © Denise Bush
'No. 28' © Denise Bush
'567' © Denise Bush
'Rail Car Door' © Denise Bush

Love of the Land

In this post I am highlighting some farmland scenes from Lancaster, PA. For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed taking a drive in the country just to look at the scenery. I got this from my Dad, a country boy, I’m sure. Every once in a while we’d hop in the car to take a drive out to the country. He and I share the excitement of seeing what’s around the next corner and this ties in nicely with my love for landscape photography. Lancaster is an excellent place to enjoy the scenery with all its quaint Amish farmland and country charm. Below are some images from my trip with a friend last month. We spent much of our time in Lancaster at the Strasburg Railroad and the Pennsylvania Train Museum. Stayed tuned for those images in my next post.

(And, for photos from last summer’s Lancaster trip click here.)

'Windmill, Tree & Silo' © Denise Bush
'Team of Seven' © Denise Bush
'A Friendly Wave' © Denise Bush
'Hangin' Out At The Barn' © Denise Bush
'Staying In The Lines' © Denise Bush
'Farmland & Hay Wagon' © Denise Bush