All Aboard!


In this post I am featuring the train portion of my Lancaster day trip. After exploring the Strasburg Railroad Station for a while we headed over to the Pennsylvania State Railroad Museum. Here they have many restored trains, models and nice displays. Rather than going for ‘pictures of trains’ I mostly focused in on train parts, close-ups and still life set-ups. The great thing about the museum is that they do allow you to use your tripod indoors. There are also some old, rusty trains outdoors that have not been restored. If you go, I would suggest going mid-week to avoid crowds. There was plenty of subject matter and it was fun place to photograph.

'The Train Conductor' © Denise Bush

'Sitting Car' © Denise Bush

'Railroad Crossroads' © Denise Bush

'Local Produce' © Denise Bush

'Fresh Fruit' © Denise Bush

'Baggage' © Denise Bush

'Canadian National' © Denise Bush

'Warning Light' © Denise Bush

'No. 28' © Denise Bush

'567' © Denise Bush

'Rail Car Door' © Denise Bush

6 Responses to “All Aboard!”

  1. 1 Mike Pillows

    I love when photographers visit the same area but come away with a different and unique feel to the subject. Great 1st shot… it really sets the tone. The Canadian selective color and warning signal are my favs. Nice perspective ‘D’.

  2. Me, too! Loved the conductor, the warning light, and “28”.

  3. 3 Bonnie Rovere

    Nice photos Denise. Love the baggage shot! Great feel.

  4. 4 Joanna Patterson

    I, too really liked the conductor shot, which set the tone for the rest of the images. And speaking of “tone” I love the richness of the tones achieved in the B&W images. “28” is a good strong composition. The best FEELING shot for me is the “sitting car.”

  5. Absolutely wonderful pics. Love them.

  6. 6 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for looking and leaving comments Mike, Ralph, Bonnie Joanna & Ken! ‘The Conductor’ and ‘Baggage’ are my personal favorites.

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