The Other Side of the Country


Day One
Back from an 11 day trip to Washington State, the task of processing my photos seemed daunting until deciding to just take it ‘one day at a time’. With a stop-over in Chicago, my husband Brent and I arrived in Seattle just before sunset on a Thursday. The air was cool and clear and we could see Mount Rainier, snow-covered and prominent in the distance. As so often happens in this part of the country we awoke to clouds and some light drizzle the next morning. The area has an average of 120 inches of rain per year, compared to South Jersey’s 40 inches of rain. Our first morning stop was to a park where we could (sort of) see the Space Needle and the north end of downtown  Seattle. After that we headed to a brighter part of town where an old gas plant has been converted into a park. I had been introduced to the park on a CreativeLive webinar and it was fun to be there in person. Brent is a sailor so we stopped in at the Wooden Boat Center where I focused on a collection of colorful dinghies. Being a ‘piney’ Brent had enough of the city by noon so we decided to get out of town by way of a ferry to Whidbey Island, one of the larger islands on the Puget Sound. We made a quick stop at a garden but with so much ahead, I won’t bore you with flower pictures. The island was rural with farmland and a lot of opportunity for fishing and boating along its coast. We stopped at the beach and watched some fishermen catching salmon … of course! We walked along the driftwood covered shore amazed by both the quantity and size of the driftwood before heading to Deception Pass State Park. At the park we took in views of the Puget Sound and its rocky shores. We took a walk across the Deception Pass Bridge as the sun began to make an appearance before it was time to head back to our hotel on the other side of the sound. The next day we headed to Mount Rainier National Park and then on to the Palouse, to be highlighted in my upcoming posts.

'Foggy Seattle' © Denise Bush

'Gas Works Park Close-up' © Denise Bush

'Dinghies in Every Color' © Denise Bush

'Driftwood & Wildflowers' © Denise Bush

'Whidbey Driftwood' © Denise Bush

'From Whidbey Island' © Denise Bush

'Deception Pass Bridge' © Denise Bush

'Whirlpool Under the Bridge' © Denise Bush

5 Responses to “The Other Side of the Country”

  1. What a cool and colorful park. The driftwood in WA makes the NJ shore look like twigs. I am glad you shot Seattle and Deception Pass that way I can live through what I missed in your pics….can’t wait to see more!!!

  2. Wonderful photos, Denise. I’m sure you have a bunch more great images. Always enjoy seeing your work.

  3. Great images so far! I was in Seattle about 5 years ago, and we took one of those cheesy duck boat tours that passed by the waterworks. I don’t remember the piping being painted though. Can’t wait to see the rest of your trip unfold.

  4. 4 Bonnie Cunningham

    oh my god, I’ve had a dream like that!

  5. 5 Cathie Bonetti

    Wow…I cant believe places so beautiful actually exist! Your photos give a yearning to travel…. **sigh**

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