Day Two
The next day it was on to the Palouse by way of Mount Rainier National Park, east of Seattle. If it were a clear day we would have been able to see the mountain as we approached but some light rain and clouds kept it concealed until later. We figured the Palouse to be about a 5+ hour drive from our hotel north of Seattle so we headed out early in order to enjoy the mountain scenery on the way. There were a lot of overlooks and short hikes to waterfalls and other natural features once inside the park’s boundaries. On the western side of the park and mountain the forest towered with giant trees. The club moss that hung from the branches reminded me of Christmas trees decorated with tinsel. Mt. Rainier was not visible at first because of the clouds but as they say in the mountains, ‘if you don’t like the weather, wait 1o minutes’. Soon the mountain peaks began to reveal themselves and we were amazed by the grandeur of Rainier, a massive volcano with an elevation of 14,411 feet. It is the highest mountain in the Cascade Range and has 26 major glaciers being the most heavily glaciated mountain in the lower 48. Peaked by 2 volcanic craters scientists know it will erupt again however it is not active at this time. After a few stops and some food it was getting late so we pressed on to make the Palouse before night. East of the Cascade Range we found a drier environment and we drove through an area resembling the arid west along our way. The golden landscape of the Palouse greeted us just before sunset and I was excited to see what the next day would bring.

'Club Moss, Mt. Rainier National Park' © Denise Bush

'Club Moss Tinsel' © Denise Bush

'Christine Falls' © Denise Bush

'Mt. Rainier Reveal' © Denise Bush

'Sheer Cliff' © Denise Bush

'Mt. Rainier in August' © Denise Bush

'Palouse Introduction' © Denise Bush

'Palouse Linear Abstract' © Denise Bush

4 Responses to “Onward”

  1. Denise all of these images are outstanding!!!!!!!!!

  2. ‘D’… the framing of “Christine Falls” is perfect. Love “Mt. Rainer Reveal”… outstanding comp. Can’t wait to see more of the Palouse. 🙂

  3. Dang! I must’ve missed the signup sheet for this workshop! When will it be run again???

    I had to go to Wikipedia to find out what the Palouse was. Now I have to go there.

    What an exciting and creatively stimulating trip you must have had. Great stuff to get the creative juices flowing.

    Wonderful work! I particularly liked the framing of the mountain top in “Mt. Rainer Revealed” and I also really liked “Gas Works Park” and “Club Moss Tinsel”.

    Also … nice writeup.

    Glad you’re back safely. (And congrats on the third at Smithville.)

  4. 4 Jack Mroz

    Was out at Mt. Rainier in 1995. Had the same situation as you where I got to the Park and it was cloudy. The next morning I drove to Paradise and it was foggy until about 9:00am when the fog lifted and slowly revealed “the mountain”. Wow, it was incredible so I totally relate when you said “the grandeur”. It was a great place to visit.

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