Goodbye … Hello


Day Five
It was Wednesday and time to leave the Palouse and head back west by way of Rainier again. We got up early and went looking for an old covered railroad bridge our innkeeper told us about. She said that ‘all the photographer’s go there’! We followed some sketchy directions we found on the web and I realized I had driven past it the day before. The light was not where I wanted it to be but I thought I’d share the photo with you all the same. We headed back into town for brunch and to collect our stuff at the hotel. Colfax is a town with an old time feel that I liked very much. Many of the old store fronts, painted and neon signs have been preserved.

In the afternoon Mt. Rainier welcomed us back into the park, visible and brilliant. This time we explored a different road leading to a place called Sunrise. Here Rainier is ‘in your face’ close and because photographing the mountain from this side is a morning shot I turned to another ridge and some wildflower meadows which were in full bloom. Since you cannot walk in the meadows (with good reason) I found the photography here a little limiting. At an overlook near the Sunrise Visitor Center there was a small glacial lake that gleamed turquoise in the afternoon light. We were tired from our travels and made the plan to come back to Sunrise early the next day!

'Covered Railroad Bridge' © Denise Bush

'Rip-proof' © Denise Bush

'Parting Shot' © Denise Bush

'Mt. Rainier Welcome' © Denise Bush

'Wildflowers at Sunrise' © Denise Bush

'The Hills Are Alive' © Denise Bush

'Sunrise Lake' © Denise Bush

3 Responses to “Goodbye … Hello”

  1. What a great trip you had. Even though shooting conditions were not optimal, ya done good!

  2. 2 Deb Mckee

    Awesome stuff Denise!!!!

  3. Congrats on another successful set of pics. Were you able to get to the wooden bridge?

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