Mountains Majesty


Day Eight
I left Brent sleeping at the hotel and headed to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park to see and photograph the sunrise. I wasn’t sure of the position of the sun and where it would fall on the ridge. I saw a few other photographers at an overlook but continued up the ridge, in the dark around and around, one hairpin turn after another … finally getting there. I set up behind the visitor center and the only one there, I was a little afraid I might see a bear, until a couple from Wisconsin came along to keep me company. (More about a bear later!) I was waiting for something to happen with the light and then, there it was … a pink glow behind the ridge. I watched the pink light as it lit up the ridge then fell onto the mountain warming a distant row of trees. Coming down the ridge I stopped to take a picture of some Indian Paintbrush that grew among some Lupine and other wildflowers on the side of the road.

After breakfast Brent and I headed out to the Hoh Rainforest stopping at the other end of Lake Crescent on the way. The forest was similar to what we had seen on the western side of Mt. Rainier National Park. The sun was out which did not make for good conditions in which to shoot the cluttered and contrasty forest. I gave it a try anyway and experimented by processing a few as toned monochromes. After some hiking in the forest we headed to the beach. I had been looking forward to seeing the sea stacks.

We had a late lunch in the town of Forks where we notice several references to ‘Twilight’ on store windows and such. We asked our waitress about it and she said that the ‘Twilight’ books and movies were based there. We rented the first movie when we got home and it was fun to see some familiar scenes and references. The first beach we went to was LaPush which offered views in different directions. There were bald eagles resting on tall dead trees but too far for my 400mm lens. The clouds gave the place a typical ‘northwest’ feel. We hiked down to another nearby beach along with a lot of young people with coolers and supplies in tow. (It was Friday.) They would camp on the beach for the weekend. There were bombfires and nylon canopies strung from the limbs of huge pieces of driftwood for cover. We hiked up and out and headed to Rialto Beach where the sky offered just a sliver of a sunset.

'First Light' © Denise Bush

'Hurrican Ridge Panorama' © Denise Bush

'Morning On Hurricane Ridge' © Denise Bush

'Indian Paintbrush' © Denise Bush

'Into the Sun' © Denise Bush

'Hoh Abstract' © Denise Bush

'Rainforest Branches' © Denise Bush

'LaPush Sea Stacks' © Denise Bush

'James Island Companion' © Denise Bush

'Pacific Northwest Sunset' © Denise Bush

'Dahdayla Island Sunset' © Denise Bush

2 Responses to “Mountains Majesty”

  1. Awesome and you are a great story teller!!

  2. Words fail. A profound emotional impact.

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