Something Different


On a late summer outing to Eastern State Penitentiary with some lady friends from the camera club, I was determined to come away with something different from before … something different from the many images I have seen of this very popular location. This was my third time there. Each time it was hotter and more humid than the time before but I love the place and as I have written in previous posts, I’ve been fascinated with abandoned places since I was a kid. I started searching for that certain something … that ‘je ne sais quoi’ (that ‘I don’t know what’). It’s the images that are unlike what I’ve already done and seen that excite me. Afterall, where is the creativity in getting the same image that others have captured or one similar to what we have seen before? I broke from the group for a while so I could work at finding something unique, whether it be a subject or camera angle. When I got home I felt I had succeeded in my mission. At first glance there were several in the days shoot that I liked … and that doesn’t always happen. One that caught my attention in particular is the image below, ‘Prison Ghost’. It was created by photographing an existing video installation of a projected figure. I bracketed 3 frames and since the exposures were on the long side, the moving figure blurred creating a ghostly appearance. I was pleased to receive a 2nd place for the image at the camera club’s first monochrome competition of the new season.

'Prison Ghost' © Denise Bush

7 Responses to “Something Different”

  1. Wonderful image, Denise.

  2. Terrific image, and how wonderful to get to photograph a place like that. How fun and thrilling! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Way to start off the season…. congrats on a very well received and commented upon image. I am glad you wrote about going back to a place to find something different. More members should try this at other venues… me included.

  4. I love this…looks so real!

  5. 5 Jack Mroz

    Wonderful image. It’s the type of image that can invoke different emotions from each person viewing it. Take this one to juried competitions and it will do very well.

  6. Wow, totally missed that video installation! Great image.

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