Seneca Rocks, West Virginia


The first day of my trip to West Virginia was spent in the Seneca Rocks area. A great group of friends and I arrived at Seneca Rocks in the dark and fog to search the grounds and find our way to a good spot for first light. The light came on slow and soft. I swear I heard coyotes in the distance. At times the rocks were just a faint outline behind the drifting fog. We explored an old homestead on the site and I discovered a few ‘found still-lifes’. After a home-style breakfast we explored the area and wound our way up to Spruce Knob, the highest point in WV. We went on a tour of a cave and made a few other stops throughout the day. My friends and I returned to Seneca Rocks before sunset expecting to witness the face of the rocks lighting up with the warm light of the setting sun. To our delighted surprise we learned moonrise was in alignment with the rocks. It first appeared on the right of the rocks when some kindred photographer’s tipped us off that it would soon be appearing in the notch! We shot until we were sure we had the captures we wanted and ended our first day a happy group of photographers!

'Foggy Sunrise, Seneca Rocks' © Denise Bush

'Seneca Silhouette' © Denise Bush

'West Virginia Homestead' © Denise Bush

'Homestead Welcome' © Denise Bush

'Empty Nest' © Denise Bush

'Rock Climbers' © Denise Bush

'Seneca Moonrise' © Denise Bush

'Moonrise Over Seneca Rocks' © Denise Bush

'Seneca Notch Moonrise' © Denise Bush

6 Responses to “Seneca Rocks, West Virginia”

  1. Seneca Rocks is a beautiful place. Love these photos, especially the moon ones. Wonderful!

  2. WoW… fantastic moonrise shots. Really like the detail in the old house and the bonus rock climber.

  3. I love the house on the hill. Beautiful work Denise!

  4. Outstanding photos. You did a great job.

  5. 5 spiritualized67

    Both the Moonrise over Seneca Rocks and the Homestead Welcome are excellent captures! I bet the Homestead shot would also look fantastic as a B&W! ~Daniel

  6. 6 Terry Wilson

    So where are the cave shots? I have been to this area many times caving but never went to the commercial cave. I always wanted to, but my caving friends never did. Did you go in the old general store there at Seneca Rocks? Great happenstance with the moon. And the outlines in the fog remind of a chinese landscape.

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