Horizontal or Vertical?


West Virginia Waterfalls – Part II
Here’s more West Virginia waterfalls. With these I couldn’t decide whether I liked the horizontal or vertical version better. I tend to shoot vertically quite often and think it’s a good idea to remember to look for a composition both ways when possible. Which do you prefer?

'Blackwater Falls I' © Denise Bush

'Blackwater Falls II' © Denise Bush

'Roadside Falls I' © Denise Bush

'Roadside Falls II' © Denise Bush

8 Responses to “Horizontal or Vertical?”

  1. 1 Pat

    I prefer verticals.

  2. 2 Linda Kamholz

    Oops — I did critique your first waterfall entry, when this is the one you wanted our input on 🙂

    Personally, I like the vertical format — moves our eyes through the image and seems to make the falls look more majestic.

  3. 3 denisebushphoto

    You can comment on anything you like Linda! Thanks!

  4. Great photos, I’m very happy I stumbled upon your blog. Very nice, well done.

  5. Vertical!!! Beautiful images!!!

  6. 6 Cathie Bonetti

    I think the horizontal shots look more serene. I prefer the vertical though, since you get a real feel for the weight of the water.

  7. Hmmm… really good question. I am drawn to the vertical comps. My eye explores them more. Whats funny is a lot of judges dismiss this format for landscape pics. I almost shoot at 50/50 now.

  8. 8 Terry Wilson

    I shoot both! For stock, naturally I want it both ways. But to pick one or the other, the overall composition dictates. Usually a horizontal subject works best with horizontal framing and vice-versa for vertical. But sometimes I like to get good foreground with a wide angle, and vertical usually achieves this best for me, like your last image, Roadside Falls II. This places the foreground in a prominent square area with the counterpoint up top; I like that.

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